Stay home, let robots to do your boring office job using RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA robotic process automation

Speed and efficiency have turned out to be the prime business concern. Until recently, one hired more people, or third-party solutions, or organized enterprise resource planning (ERP) for improving efficiency. But the scenario has changed with the introduction of RPA robotic process automation. This lets one perform several tasks from home.

RPA robotic process, the ever-awake performer

This uses computer software or robots that can emulate repetitive human actions. These can also interact with digital systems for executing business processes. RPA utilizes a user interface for capturing and treating data as humans do. It can also interact, respond, and communicate with other systems for managing varieties of repetitive tasks. And, these never sleep, make no mistakes; they are, in ways, a better performer.

Shifting of workplace

The future workforce will be a hybrid of humans and robots. This will allow humans to be more human, more creative, and more successful ever than before. As the use of RPA continues to be sky-high, this allows more people to work remotely.

rpa robotic process automation

RPA software robots are self-triggered. They also require very little intervention to complete the tasks. This is welcome as there is no need to babysit a robot for the smooth functioning of the system. As a result, more and more people are now working from home. This boosts up their morale as they have more family time, and breed innovations to take the business ahead. Thus, both the organization and the employee benefit from this.

Things you can do using RPA robotic process automation

RPA is meant for doing high-volume repetitive jobs quickly and efficiently. With the integration of RPA in the business process, one can do many things remotely from home. This helps to take the business to the next level.

1. Manage emails

If your inbox is flooded with messages, it is possible to manage them efficiently using RPA. It scans the mailbox for important mails and shows the first few lines so that you can take necessary action.

2. Settle conflicting meetings

Business executives need to attain several business meetings every day. RPA can be implemented for identifying the conflicting meeting schedules that cannot be attended. Using these, one can send mails to the originator for rescheduling the meeting.

3. Do invoice processing

Businesses of all types and sizes need to send and receive invoices. This is a vital function that affects the overall performance of the organization. The problem with business invoicing is that they could be in several forms: paper, email, fax, PDF, MS Word, etc. Transferring the data manually to the database system is a huge, error-prone, and time-consuming task. RPA can make your life easy by automating the data input and reconciling errors. So you can perform the task easily from home.

4. Managing Sales Orders

Sales functions are a critical part of all business operations. It needs entering data into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and many other platforms.

This requires consistent data across several functions. This is not easy because that sales date has also to go to finance and accounting modules. Such multiple processing is time-consuming and likely to generate duplication. RPA robotic process automation can perform such tasks easily maintaining a clear database in less time and lets you do it from home.

5. Reconciliation of Accounts

Reconciling the accounts is more than critical for any business. Every business has to do this by comparing different documents from various sources in different formats. This is a tedious and cumbersome process where a minor mistake can force one to repeat the process.

This becomes as easy as slicing through the cake when RPA is integrated into the system. The software robots extract data automatically from all the sources for reconciliation. So, it becomes easy to do from home. Moreover, you can also reconcile your purchases and deliveries for finding business compatibility.

6. Data Entry

Entering data using various computer languages like Oracle, SAP, etc consumes a good part of the employee time. As data is gathered from several different sources the process becomes prone to errors.  And, your business may suffer from serious problems due to the ripple effect.

Integrating RPA into the system lets one gather, update, process, and validate data automatically without any error. You can easily manage clean and organized data from home for better business compliance.

7. Perform system queries

Implementing RPA in the business process relieves you from manual system queries. The software robots link all information portals for gathering data quickly display it on the output panel. This can also be done easily from home.

8. Managing payroll

Managing payroll is a time-consuming, repetitive task that faces many challenges due to various statutory obligations. Integrating RPA in the system helps to verify employee information across multiple platforms including validation of time records, earnings, deductions, etc. RPA can also generate paychecks automatically. So, one can make payment easily by managing the payroll from home.

9. Monitor employee onboarding

Employee onboarding involves a series of activities like creating user accounts, profiles, providing access rights, mailing lists, gadget requirements, training, etc. RPA backed system makes the process very easy and simple. The rule-based repetitive activities can be pre-structured for doing all activities in no time.  It can also mail notifications and documents to the new employee saving much time.

10. Monitoring exit management

Just like employee on-boarding, employee exit also involves multiple activities across various platforms. RPA can help to have an error-free process for performing exit surveys, producing exit records, intimating stakeholders, etc. All these can also be done remotely from home.

Find the best RPA tool

There are a lot of RPA tools in the market. Most of them are commercial products such as AutomationAnywhere, Workfusion, Blue Prism and UiPath. Select the best for your case will save your money and effort. It is better to compare RPA tools before using them.

rpa robotic process automation

Ok… If you are willing to get rid of your boring job, you have to learn RPA. Read Things to consider before starting your career as RPA Developer and Benefits of starting career as RPA developer.

Bottom line

There has been a general concern that robots are stealing jobs from humans and making them obsolete. But, RPA robotic process automation does the just opposite. It relieves humans from doing the monotonous repetitive jobs so that they can concentrate more on creative things to meet the ever-growing business demands.